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Presia’s predictive and descriptive models provide insight into crop health and quality, harvest planning, and regenerative agriculture activities. Our insights can support a wide variety of use cases across the growing season from supply planning to field monitoring to harvest scheduling to sustainable practice implementation.

Models in Production and Development

Presia offers intelligent models across three primary modules: crop health and quality, harvest planning, and regenerative agriculture. These models can support your decision making across the entire growing season. We are also able to develop custom models with your own data to provide metrics specific to your individual needs.

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Crop Health & Quality

Understanding the health and quality of your crops can support decisions on supply planning and in-field applications. This module includes predicted yield, canopy coverage measurement, NDVI measurement, and various crop-specific quality metrics. Our current focus is on the potato crop, with ongoing research to extend to other specialty crops in the future.

Harvest Planning

Optimize your harvest schedules with our predictive modelling, designed to estimate the optimal harvest date for each field and prioritize fields based on harvest readiness. Our tool can enhance decisions made during this critical phase of the growing season.

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Regenerative Agriculture

Ensuring long-term soil health is critical to the long-term future of our fields and food system as a whole. Presia can measure the extent to which specific regenerative practices are being deployed on farms and which fields require further attention.

Custom Models

Presia is able to develop custom models to meet your needs on a proof-of-concept basis. We can apply our data science proficiency to your historical data to generate insights specific to your organization. We operate in a fully collaborative fashion, leveraging your team’s agronomy expertise throughout the model development process.

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