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Presia leverages the latest in remote sensing technologies, including satellite imagery, with agronomy expertise to provide our customers with reliable, crop-specific analytics. We are constantly evaluating new optical and radar-based sensors as well as new data science modelling approaches that can improve our accuracy and provide insight into new metrics. 

Creating data-informed solutions

We believe in the power of real-time data to inform better decision making. The combination of advanced data collection techniques, modern data science algorithms, and agronomic expertise can empower key individuals to make more proactive, higher quality, and sustainability-oriented decisions.

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Needs analysis

Your individual needs and use cases will drive the insights we provide. It is critical for us to understand how and when you make key decisions so that we can tailor the solution to fit seamlessly into your existing approaches.

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Data Collection

We collect satellite imagery, weather, and other publicly available data to run our models. We also require key on-farm data to ensure that our insights are specific to the fields and crop varieties that we monitor.

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Data Science & Reporting

Our proprietary data science models will continually develop insights on your fields throughout the season. Insights can be provided via spreadsheet, dashboard, or any other analytics tool of your choosing.

Harvesting data through earth observation

Earth observation represents a series of remote sensing technologies used to gather information about our planet. We leverage earth observation technologies to understand how crops are growing and the sustainability of farms.

Satellite Data

We collect satellite imagery of the earth clip your fields for analysis. We use both optical and radar sensors to maximize the frequency of captures per field and mitigate against cloud cover that may impact the quality of those captures. We leverage sensors from NASA and the European Space Agency to obtain this data.

Satellite canopy image
rows of early stage crops

Farm Data

Farm and crop data from growers are critical to match with the remote sensing and weather data we obtain. We leverage information related to planted varieties, soil, planting and harvesting dates, and regional growing practices to tailor our models for individual fields. Emergence and full canopy dates can be derived from satellite data via our modelling efforts. We can collaboratively help build a plan to collect on-farm data to improve model performance year-over-year.

Weather Data

We gather hourly weather data in order to compute growing degree days for each field. We also gather weather forecast data to understand how predicted extreme weather may impact crop performance. Weather data helps our proprietary region- and variety-specific crop models predict the most accurate growth of the field.

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Insights Reporting

We push the data collected through our proprietary data science models to develop insights on crop health and quality, harvest planning, and regenerative agriculture. We are constantly evolving our models with the latest available approaches and data to provide greater accuracy and value for our customers. We train our models off of human-collected observations and validate all models with agronomy experts.

Satellite canopy image
Satellite canopy image

Technology Integration

Presia is committed to meeting you where your digital capabilities are. Wherever you want to see your data, we will deliver it. We can provide raw data in the form of a spreadsheet or API, or more detailed reporting in the form of a custom dashboard. We have experience connecting directly to various data warehousing solutions to sit crop insights beside your other key data. We will work with you to determine the best way to ensure insights are at your fingertips.

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What can you do with this data?

Presia’s insights can empower individuals across your organization, whether you are an executive, agronomist, grower, regulator, or academic. Access to real-time in-season insights as well as historical data can support a wide range of analyses and decisions.

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