Presia Ag Insights Overview

Published November 28, 2023

Presia is a predictive crop intelligence service that helps you make more informed agriculture decisions. We harness the power of satellite, weather, and on-farm data to empower strong crop management decisions. Built off of a decade of experience monitoring over 500,000 acres of potato and other specialty crop farmland across 5 continents, Presia’s analytics can help you build stronger resilience and competitiveness.

We help customers achieve agricultural excellence through the use of proprietary predictive models, designed to enhance your understanding of crop health, optimize harvest schedules, and advocate for sustainable practices. Our insights, tailored to your unique needs, are available at region-, field-, and pixel-levels, ensuring you receive comprehensive intelligence. Embracing innovation, we also offer custom model development, utilizing your data to create solutions perfectly aligned with your crop varieties and growing conditions.

We work closely with you to understand your needs and build a solution that addresses your blind spots. With an understanding of what metrics you would like to track and baseline information about your specific fields, we leverage third-party data and our data science expertise to generate insight. We remain flexible to build outputs – from spreadsheets to dashboards – that work with your existing decision-making processes.

We envision a future where data-driven intelligence can provide growers, agronomists, and others in the agriculture space with more certainty and resilience in an ever-changing landscape. We believe that the combination of agronomy expertise, data science rigour, and remote sensing technologies can support decisions that improve profitability and environmental sustainability.

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