Leaders in the field of earth observation and predictive crop technology.

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Experts in the field of earth observation.

Contributing to a resilient and thriving agricultural sector

We are a team of agronomy, data science, and software development experts working together to support a more resilient agricultural system. Built off of over a decade of experience in the agriculture analytics space, we are continually evolving to meet continually evolving needs.

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Our Vision

To create a future where data-driven intelligence provides more certainty and resilience in an ever-changing agricultural landscape.

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Our Mission

To provide data-supported solutions leveraging earth observation technologies that enable informed decision-making on variability in agriculture.

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Our Objective

To provide enriched crop-specific insights within and across entire fields to save time, money, and waste and mitigate supply variability in a rapidly changing environment.

Meet the Presia Ag Insights team

Alex Battah

Alex Battah

Engineering Lead

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Ayako Myhr

Software Developer

Alex Battah

Ben Flood

Business Development Manager

Alex Battah

David Simmonds

Project Manager

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Dylan Schneider

Principal Data Scientist

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Emma Tompkins

GIS Specialist

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Harshkumar Patel

Software Developer

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Hui Tang

Senior Data Scientist

Li Chen

Li Chen

Quality Assurance Associate

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Mihai Chelaru-Centea

Software Developer

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Riyaj Kazi

Principal Software Developer

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Shadi Baghermanesh

Data Scientist

Li Chen

Tyler Hennick

Managing Director

Will Ross

Will Ross

Senior Data Integration Developer

Our Story

Presia Ag Insights’ earth observation product was initially conceived in 2014 by Resson Aerospace, a Canadian startup, in partnership with McCain Foods. The product has evolved through various iterations, leveraging different image capture technologies including vehicle-mounted cameras and drones. Ultimately, the team determined that satellite imaging and other remote sensing signals would provide the most scalable and cost-effective solution for our customers. McCain continued to support product development through the provision of on-farm data to train predictive models, the opportunity to test and refine the overall product, and deep expertise in potatoes.

In the summer of 2022, McCain acquired the earth observation product from Resson and brought on key team members. McCain is incubating the team as its own venture, ensuring that the product can be build effectively for a wider variety of customers. The team continued to build, solidifying potato-specific models and developing new regenerative agriculture-focused modelling. In October 2023, the team launched the Presia Ag Insights brand.

Today, we offer insights specific to potato health and quality, harvest planning, and regenerative agriculture. We will continue developing new models for potatoes, farm sustainability, and other specialty crops.

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Initially conceived by Resson Areospace in partnership with McCain Foods Limited, leveraging various remote sensing approaches



The team determines that satellite imaging would provide a scalable and cost-effective solution for customers



McCain acquires the earth observation product from Resson and brings in key team members


Presia Launches

The Presia Ag Insights brand launches to serve more customers in new and unique ways

About McCain Foods

McCain Foods Limited is a family-owned business founded in 1957 in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada. Today, the company is the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products and a global leader in prepared appetizers and snacks. Its products can be found in restaurants and retail stores in more than 160 countries around the world. The company has major production, retail, and corporate operations around the world, employs approximately 22,000 people, operates 51 production facilities on six continents, partners with 3,500 farmers, and generates annual sales in excess of $11 billion CAD.

Presia x McCain Global Partnership

Presia has supported field monitoring across McCain’s global footprint for nearly a decade. Presia and McCain collaborate to incorporate deep agronomic experience, leverage in-field data, and deploy new predictive models. Presia’s ability to draw on McCain expertise supports the development of a richer product for all Presia customers.

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